Q: “Which member do you want to take care of, the one that you feel uneasy leaving alone?”
Rise: “EunB!!!!!!♡”

RIP EunB & RiSe ♡ T__T


Thank you about all, RiSe.
Thank you about your smile, your talent, your personality.
I hope you in better place now.
We will never forget you.
I hope that you and EunB together again.
Rest in peace.

Kwon RiSe, 16.8.1991-7.9.2014


The Staff’s Reaction to (left) Kim Jong Kook’s close success, and (right) Song Ji Hyo’s success.

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PD Cho’s laughter after Kwang Soo stares at him hard because of that one question in EP 158. Just so all of us can keep hearing him laugh out loud… ;)

"I hope Seojun will stretch out his arms and smile at me. Saying he missed me. But he never does things like that. Seoeon does.. That’s all I need." - Lee Hwijae

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슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 (Episode 20) - Hwijae: He looks like Yoda.
Jeongwon: Don’t call your son Yoda!

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